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Kuantan Day Tours

Kuantan ~Pahang State




Depart : 0800-0930hrs
S.I.C : Adult RM208 / Child RM145
Private : Adult / Child RM304
Duration : 5hrs

This tour of Kuantan, the capital of Pahang introduces you to a colourful Hindu Temple and the majestic State Mosque. Drive to Beserah fishing Village and witness the pro-cess of preparing salted fish - a local delicacy. Fresh catches are also sold at the Jetty. If in luck, witness how the village folks use water buffaloes to ferry their catches to the processing area. A short drive away is located a beach with black rocks, which are of volcanic Lava origin (There are no Volcano in Malaysia) Hence it's called "Black Rock Beach. "From there we'll proceed to KUANTAN Town. We will proceed to Taman Teruntum (Park) for a visit to the Mini Zoo. They have the Malaysian Sun Bear, Ostrich Birds, Iguana and lots more. From here, we pass through the fishing of Tanjong Api, and the industrial area before reach the town. Stops will be at the Tourist Trade Centre, the Esplanade & Hindu Temple before the last stop at the biggest shopping centre, MEGAMALL.

  • Beserah Fishing Village
  • Hindu Temple
  • Teruntum Park
  • Megamall
  • Tourist Trade Centre / Esplanade
  • Guided Tour




Depart : 0800-0930hrs
S.I.C : Adult RM251 / Child RM175 (min 4pax)
Private : Adult / Child RM357
Duration : 6hrs

Malaysia's second largest natural lake, Tasik Chini comprise of 13 interconnected lakes that flows into the Chini river that feeds into the Pahang river, which is the longest riv-er in Peninsula Malaysia. Here you can discover the pristine tranquility and diversity of flora and fauna of a tropical rain forest lake and surrounding. Located South West of Kuantan, Lake Chini lies in lush hilly surrounding, naturally complemented with a wide varieties of aquatic and semi aquatic plants such as Waterlilies, Weeds, Lotus and also the Pandanus variety. The Tasik Chini area is a home to the Jakun, an aboriginal tribe. Here you can witness the way of their life and be amazed by their skill with the blowpipe, which is still used for hunting today.

  • Rubber Tapping Demonstration
  • Boat Ride
  • Blowpipe Demo
  • Guided Tour




Depart : 2000hrs
S.I.C : Adult RM172 / Child RM120
Private : Adult / Child RM238
* This tour is available on May—September
Duration : 4hrs

Every year from May to September the green turtle will turn up in Chendor Beach to lay their eggs here. The turtles come from the deep ocean to the same place and they lay their eggs between 80 to 120 eggs. They will crawl up from the sea and dig a hole after laying the eggs they will cover the hole again. The beach here is patrolled by the enforcement officer from the Fisheries Department, their job is to make sure the eggs are collected and placed in the fenced area so the eggs will be safe from predators.

Notes :

  1. This tour is required minimum 04 persons for SIC ONLY (JVCKUA102)
  2. This tour is available on May - September (JVCKUA103)
  3. Tours depart between 0800hrs & 0930hrs. (JVCKUA100 & JVCKUA102)


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